Daily Collective (video art)

Yusi Liu and William Doty met in college at UW-Madison and they decided to collaborate and create Daily Collective during their last year in Madison, WI.  They want to reflect life and struggles of early adulthood, domestic activities, and individual identities through the form of video art.  It is 2018 and we live in a hyper-pacing world.  Our attention span is decreasing way too fast.  Daily Collective hopes to provide an opportunity to allow people to see personal activities more attentively yet with some twists of playfulness and obsessiveness.

Daily Collective I: Hair Washing (2018)  (00:03:57)
Hair washing can be an under-looked task in our life.  This task can be a complicated task for those with long hair, especially women.  This video explores the relations around the act of hair-washing, gender, work, politics, and power.

Daily Collective II: Man Folding (2018) (00:06:45)
Our perfectly folded laundry turned into drawers of mess when we became an adult and moved away from our parents.  Man folding explores action of domestic management with a touch of absurdity.

The videos are not public, please contact me if interested to view.