Hello/Goodbye, My Wisconsin Bedroom

(a pop-up exhibition)
Ibtisam Ul Haq (textile)
Yasha Hoffman (sound composition)
Dakota Mace
Ben Orozco (neon)
Stephen Parent (printmaking)
Michael Schultz (drawing)

Saturday 10AM-10PM, May 5th, 2018
15 W Gorham St. Apt 1, Madison WI
[concluding celebration 8-10PM]

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Look, memory’s not praise or doubt
It is not a substitution, since there is no prior point

Go backward and forward and there is no place
This is the border — nothing further must happen
—Lisa Robertson, “Palinodes”

Four years ago, I came to Wisconsin.  And now I am departing.  As my farewell to the city, I curate this pop-up exhibition as a tribute to the city, to my apartment, and to my beloved friends.  It is my bedroom in this Victorian house and my friends that I fell in love with the city and art.  I love art.  I love my friends.  I love my space.  I love this city.  I love being alive.  So here we are, surrounded by my love and what I love.  The term exhibition is rooted in fourteenth century legalese, denoting a display of evidence.  Here in this room we claim our existence, our experience, and our memories.  They are sweet and bitter, lovely and ugly, beautiful and awkward.  They are ours and they are authentic.  This site-specific exhibition hopes to ignite conversation about private space, personal memories, and Madison, Wisconsin.  I open my apartment bedroom for 12 hours, a full circle on the clock.  Hello.  And goodbye.

– Yusi Liu


Ibtisam Ul Haq


Yasha Hoffman


Dakota Mace 
Łichííʼ Ídzo (Red Line) (Series), 2018, Handmade Linen Paper & Glass Beadwork
Weaving Study 10, 2018, Wool & Cotton
Weaving Study 11, 2018, Wool & Cotton
Wo-chi (Bright), 2018, Navajo Churro Wool, Handmade Abaca & Linen Paper


Ben Orozco


Stephen Parent
Comforter (2018),Serigraph on duvet cover
A Place To Lie (2018), Serigraph on pillow


Michael Schultz
Okay Transitions I-III, 2018